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General FAQs

01.Do I have to submit my grant using the on-line grant application?

02.Do I have to complete the request in one on-line session?

03.Why do you require a Conflict of Interest Resolution Policy?

04.Why do you require a Needs Assessment?

05.Can I use my own budget form with your application?

06.How are “Call for Grants” applications processed?

07.Do you accept applications for charitable contributions?

08.Do you make grants to individuals?

09.How long will it take before a decision is reached?

10.Where can I find the status of my Grant Application?

11.Can I re-submit a grant once it has been non-funded?

12.Can we use the AstraZeneca logo to list as a sponsor for our funded program?

13.Can I update an application once it has been submitted?
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